About Honoring Our Veterans

Our programs improve the mental and physical health of wounded warriors. We offer a variety of outdoor activities with expert instruction in order to introduce wounded veterans to the wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities they can use to promote their healing. Each group is small, and the veterans are kept together at all times. One of the most significant factors to successful healing and reintegration is time spent with others who have had the same experience. Many of our wounded Soldiers and Marines are unable to share their traumatic experiences with their spouses and families, for fear that they will not be able to relate. This isolation is detrimental to healing and reintegration. The sharing that occurs when veterans are among their brothers is a major building block in the recovery process.

Honoring Our Veterans also provides opportunities that encourage independence. On multiple occasions we have had wounded warriors who previously had not traveled or been away from their caregiver. We work closely with the Military Severely Injured Center/ TSA Operations Liaisons to ensure that each of our veterans receives assistance at the airport, ensuring that their travel experience is as stress free as possible. We communicate with each veteran and their caregiver far in advance of each session. We make every effort to tailor the experience to the specific needs of each individual veteran and address any concerns they or their caregiver might have.

Our programs are unique because of our location, and the significant level of community involvement and support our wounded warriors receive. Northwestern Wyoming is home to two National Parks, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Year round outdoor recreational opportunities abound, and with 97% public land, there are few places that can match Jackson Hole for recreational therapy. Honoring Our Veterans matches these outdoor recreational opportunities with a community of dedicated instructors and guides who donate their time and expertise to help wounded warriors heal.

Honoring Our Veterans

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