“Little did I know I was in for the ride of my life.  What began just 3 years ago was the start of a healing journey I didn’t even know I needed to take

Was I blessed? Yes. Did I have a great life? Yes. But I was a veteran who struggled silently.

Thank God for those who have dedicated themselves to helping our nation’s veterans find healing and wholeness.”

Dak Fredrick

US Marine Corps

“I recently attended a week long photography event sponsored by the organization Honoring Our Veterans in Wyoming and wanted to share my experience with you. From the time I arrived to the day I departed I was treated with dignity and respect. Although learning photography was the reason I attended, our three instructors, Ray, Jess and Alec primarily remained focused on the physical and mental welfare of all six veterans during the entire week. The photography curriculum made perfect sense and beginning the 1st day of instruction I had a broad understanding of how to use my camera. As we made our way through the week I felt I was ready to shoot on my own and actually captured some really good shots. We had a chance to shoot landscape, portraits and major action events such as the Jackson Hole Rodeo. I really can’t say enough about the rodeo, we were introduced to a full stadium of rodeo fans and I could feel their appreciation for our service. It brought a tear to my eye to see the horse riding flag bearer galloping around the arena waving our nation’s Colors. I sincerely encourage all veterans to attend this program, it’s free and you can choose wood carving or fly fishing as well. Each event is meticulously planned out so you get the most from the Wyoming scenery, and instructors to change your perspective and your life. It’s worth the trip!”.

Kim Hamlin

US Army

“After 8 years in the military, this trip brought me back to what was fun about a field exercise…bonding with others, sharing stories, and lots of laughs.  I am humbled and grateful for having spent this time, leaving with new brothers and sisters.  I didn’t realize how much I needed this.”

Chet Woods

US Army and Air Force

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was headed to Jackson, Wyoming for the Honoring Our Vets trip. I had some nervous anticipation leading up to the week with the group, in hindsight the one thing that was evident was I had no need to be anxious or afraid because HOV took care of everything for me. Not only do they plan a fun-filled week, you’ll meet awesome people, and you see a gorgeous part of the United States of America.

I am immensely proud of my service to this country and I am grateful for organizations like HOV that go above and beyond to make sure that a veteran has an marvelous week in an incredible part of the country and I could not be more grateful! The team at HOV makes sure that everyone is comfortable, respected, and that each Veteran walks away feeling content. I will treasure the friendships and memories from one of the best weeks I’ve experienced with strangers!! Thank you does not even encompass the gratitude I have for Honoring Our Vets!

Melanie Keene Gibson

Honoring Our Veterans was an exceptional and memorale experience.  I will never forget what you have done for me and other Vets that have participated in your program.  Thank all of you for your support to our Veterans.  God Bless.  

Isidoro "E.C." Castillo

SFC/E-7 MOS, Army 24 years

I’m retired and a part of the VA healthcare system. I like to think that the people genuinely care about me, but it feels like I’m being treated like a number the entire time. Honor our vets is different. They take an approach of giving back to the veteran community to a completely new and astronomical level.

I got on a plane and was met at the picturesque Jackson Hole airport with a smile and a warm embrace. I remember feeling completely awe struck at how beautiful the place was. We spent the next week going to scenic locations and taking photos. Everyone was extremely kind and caring.

The instruction and equipment provided was top notch as were the accommodations and meals. Nobody was pushed into doing anything they didn’t want to. It was extremely satisfying being with other vets who were sharing this experience with you, knowing that they had been through a lot of the same ordeals during their time in the military. We also had rockstar access to the rodeo followed by an exceptional meal and a show. The week was capped off with editing photos and printing your favorite of the ones you took. This is definitely a worthwhile organization devoted to giving back to the veterans who sacrificed for their country.

Mike Waller

Command Sergeant Major (E9), Army 27 years

There are never enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation to be selected to participate in HOV. It was a honor and privilege to be able to work with some awesome people, who didn’t judge us or look down on us even though we could be very difficult to deal with at times. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and other illness, which have left some emotional and physical scars that I will deal with for the rest of my life. HOV helps me to get out of my comfort zone when I am learning new things and makes me strive to become a better person.

Sandy Sandberg, the entire staff and many volunteers who put together such an amazing program makes my life so much better if only for that week. If I could come back every year, I would not hesitate to pack my bags and come!! Again please keep up the good work and you guys are really Honoring Our Veterans!!


TIna Matthews

1SGT 30 yrs, US Army

What a great program they have put together in Jackson Hole.  From the time I landed to the time I left, I was lead to learn new skills and put them into practice quickly…… Tie a fly, cast a fly rod, fish a fly I tied, catch a fish, success!!! 
There is something so special and therapeutic about enjoying the friendship of fellow veterans while spending time on a beautiful body of water trying to catch a fish. If you haven’t learned any skills to fly fish, you should consider it, the benefits are many…Thanks HOV for this awesome opportunity.
Marc Bilodeau

SGT USAF 1978-82

It’s quite challenging to adequately express my appreciation to HOV for selecting me to participate in the their fishing program.  I was completely overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity from everyone we met.  We were pampered from the moment we arrived in Jackson Hole, WY until we boarded the plane for home.

From the first “get aquatinted meal” to outstanding accommodations, every detail was planned and executed with amazing forethought to our comfort and enjoyment.   An intense day of casting instruction prefaced an evening of tying the flies we would use to entice trout.  I am still in awe of the Tetons and Yellowstone Park.  The hundreds of pictures I took will never capture the excitement of catching fish and hiking around that gorgeous countryside with my fellow veterans.

All I can say is, “thank you HOV.”  I hope many more veterans get to share this same experience.


Steven Rothert

Petty Officer First Class (Air Warfare/Surface Warfare) USN 1985 - 2005

I spent 4 years in the Marines, in both Desert Storm and Operation Sharp Edge.  My PTSD got so bad that I had to do something.  I was in a bad place when you called me that day about the hunt.  Talking with Ray, Nic and Corey was very good for me.  The experience has helped me so much.  God has a special place for you. 

Roy Schillinburg

PTSD and anxiety trap me inside my mind, feeling isolated with these emotions and pain I can not vocalize.  The gift you gave me was quiet.  Being on the water with just one other person and surrounded in silence silenced the assaults of anxiety and brought me present.  I am most appreciative for the kindness, compassion and intangible gifts of silence on the water. So thank you to everyone.  I was able to leave my illness aside for a week.  It meant the world to me.

Rachel Borowski

Honoring Our Veterans

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