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Our mission:

Honoring Our Veterans mission is to improve the quality of life for combat wounded veterans by offering them activities that strengthen their physical, cognitive, emotional,and social functioning.

Join Our Efforts!


We would like to recognize those who have given generously in order to help our wounded veterans heal and ensure that each and every one of them knows that they are valued, respected, and cared for.


We work closely with several organizations to identify those who would benefit from our program.  However, please contact us directly if you feel that you are a good candidate.


Please take the time to peruse our photo albums and view the videos! We want you to share the experiences we have had in our sessions and discover that each individual has their own journey.


We strive to take advantage of the opportunities provided by our location and the expertise of our staff and caring community to design sessions specific to each individuals needs. 

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Help a wounded veteran heal!