Testimonials and Reviews

"Coming out here to Jackson Hole, Wyoming is an experience I will never forget.  After spending 31 years wearing a military uniform, I now understand what I was fighting for. What HOV has put together in what I have come to call “God’s Country” is absolutely spectacular.”

“I found something that I could say I “Love” once again.”

“I had good sound sleep that I haven’t had in ten years.”

“I was able to feel normal and to actually laugh and feel happy again.”

“I was comfortable for the first time in years. I was able to let others in and to express my feelings and not be ashamed of myself.”

“I loved every aspect of each day. Not once since I have been here have I thought about suicide.”

“This therapeutic recreation program is one that cannot be matched anywhere.”

“Since coming home from Iraq in 2007, I have searched for proof that the world and its people aren't a waste. After this trip, I have hope.”

“Ever since I left the military I don’t think I have been able to experience the range of emotions that I did while in the HOV program. As vets I think we inadvertently help each other and the surroundings of the program could not be any better aiding with this.”

"Since my trip I have been a changed man. My out look is so much improved I've lost 30 pounds and taken on a healthier life style. I'm much more involved in my kids lives and taken an active role in dealing with my PTSD."

"so lucky to have been a part of it. Your giant heart, selfless personality, and the willing to do anything for us not only made me comfortable, but reminded me why I fought for this nation. My anxiety here in WA is lower now and my memory is getting better." -- Scotty

"Each time an opportunity arises to send someone, we make every effort to find a veteran to send because we know it will be a healing experience. This is one of the most worthwhile programs I have seen in my 37 year career at the VA." -- Edwina Luker, MWS/LCSW, OEF/OIF/OND Program Manager

"I have felt so empty inside since Iraq but because of all the activities, nature, and cammaraderie with other vets I feel not so empty inside and now there is hope in my spirit that I can live a good and happy life. I got to feel a part of life that I thought was dead and gone, so thank you all that made it possible."

"The warm and hospitable community of Jackson Hole, Wyoming has provided these Wounded Warriors an opportunity to engage in new interests, create new and exciting hobbies, and develop an awareness to be proactive in their own well-being through recreational therapy." -- Waco Blakely, Transition Patient Advocate,  OEF/OIF Veteran

"I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done- and all that you are doing. You have shown me that love and caring can truly outweigh anger and bitterness... thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 

"I don't feel so alone anymore.  I know there are others like me out there going through the same troubles"

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